RChain Developers

Learn, Contribute, Earn and Fund Great Projects

RChain Development Cooperation aims to become a leaderless cooperation among RChain Cooperative members, incubating teams, learning peer to peer, crash courses, bootcamp, meetups, running our own rhobot shard and mainnet validators, crowdfunding, rewarding ourselves, building dapps, helping to make RChain scale.

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Learn Rholang and RChain development through our workstudies and bootcamps.


Apply the experience and skills learnt during our workstudy sessions to existing projects.


Through our leaderless approach, we collective reward ourselves in a fair manner.


You can also contribute to open source projects building by being one of our sponsors.

RChain Developers Cooperation Mission

Empowering and supporting individual developers/teams and helping fund their development.

About RChain Development Cooperation.

RChain Development Cooperation, also called RDev, is a workers cooperation structured as a membership association. It is intended to provide staff and human resources tools and services to allow dApp developers, project managers, dApp investors, and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate together to build trustworthy decentralized solutions.

Support the Open Web and Influence its Future

Support community funded open source projects that will not only form the future of RChain but that will also become leaders of the evolving web3 space and in turn disrupt the internet we know today.


Existing Problem

RChain aims to enable cooperation at scale in a decentralized manner. Our challenge is to enable autonomy and cooperation such that we exhibit a collective intelligence of our members rather than the least common denominator.

Our Collective Solution

  • Bring your own project or join an existing one. See the pinned items in our discord channel.
  • Develop standards and norms needed so our services can work together.
  • Together we can solve common problems and create libraries. We can create teams from members and develop apps.
  • We can run our own rdev rchain network ultimately to become a mainnet shard for our own work with our own RDEV token that might achieve market value if governed well.
  • We can follow collective intelligence best practices and create things much greater than we can do alone.
  • We can govern ourselves autonomously employing top down trust metrics and bottom up liquid democracy within our teams and stakeholder groups forming a sociocratic polyarchy.

Contribute to Ongoing Projects

RChain Governance

Goal: Radical decentralization with trust from the top down and bottom up to make good decisions. See document.

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RChain Wallet

Community funded RChain wallet development. Locally stored web interface for interaction with RChain platform.

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Rholang Bootcamp

“Rholang is simple but not easy.” Crash courses and comprehensive program for developers of RChain dapps.

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Send contributions for other activities of the Rchain Development Cooperative including running the RhoBot RChain network to: